10 Things to avoid to make your relationships last longer

Relationship does not die or end on its own, people are the ones that end and kill relationship.

Relationship is like a garden, it must be taken care of, it must be nurtured if it’s going to blossom.

Some of them are listed below…

1. Neglect

If you don’t have time for your relationship and partner, you’re always too busy, you don’t have time and all that. Mr worker, just know you’re digging grave for your relationship.

What you neglect will die. If you neglect your relationship, it will die naturally.

Give your relationship attention. Create time for it.

2. Pride

When you are prideful, you will be feeling entitled, that it’s your partner duty to make the relationship to work after all you’re doing the person a favor.

The truth is, you are not doing anyone a favor by being in relationship. Be humble.

3. Over familiarity

Being too familiar is not healthy for relationship. Respect and value tends to reduce after all there’s nothing more to know about the person. You’ve known and seen everything.

4. Insensitive

This is when you are too busy or careless to notice some details about your partner. Your words and actions are hurting the person but you’re too careless to notice.

You’re partner is having some difficulty or emotional swings but you don’t care.Take time to observe your partner. Ask questions when you notice some changes. Put your eyes for ground.

5. Resentment

This is a feeling of anger or displeasure you have against your partner probably because you were wronged or betrayed by him or her.

It will eventually erode your love for your partner. If your partner offends you, tell the person as quickly as possible instead of bottling up anger.

6. Lies

You lie about everything even you are caught in the act. You say white is red and red is black even when the truth is obvious.

Some people can’t deal with lies. Lying will make it hard for your partner to trust you. A relationship where there’s no trust is as good as nothing. Be truthful.

7. Cheating

You’re in a relationship but still sleeping around with other people without your partner’s knowledge. You’re dating 5 people concurrently.

Once your partner discovered that you’re cheating on him, that relationship can end immediately. Be faithful.

8. Abuse

Physical abuse(beating, slap, hitting, flogging etc), emotional abuse(manipulation, cursing, neglect etc), sexual abuse(rape, harassment etc. ) etc., has the capability to end any relationship. Avoid every form of abuse.

9. Nagging And Complaining

Some people can nag and complain for Africa. Even when their partners tell them sorry, they will ask you why are you telling them sorry.

Little things they should overlook, they must complain and nag. It’s not everything you should complain and nag about. Some people can’t deal with nagging and complaining..

Be understanding at times.

10. Hypocrisy

This is claiming to be what you are not, assuming to have something meanwhile all na wash.Don’t claim to have to money when you don’t. Don’t claim to be a wife material or a virgin when you are not. Just don’t claim to be what you’re not.

Let your partner know and see you for what you are so that they will be making an informed decision whether or not to marry you.

But if you deceive your partner into marriage, and the person eventually finds out the kind of person you are, it will be difficult for him or her to trust you again.

Be real.

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