World Record: Woman Had S*x With 919 Men In A DAY [PHOTOS]



Turns out that some quite a number of anacondas actually do, especially where Lisa Sparks is concerned

In 2004 this nice young lady set a new world record for having sex with the most men in one day at an event called the Annual World Gangbang Championship in Poland.

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Her competition were two other women, one of which held the world record before – having slept with 759 men in a day.



Lisa Sparks slept with 919 men within 12 hours. Take a minute and think about it in the most holistic way possible. That’s 919 penises…

According to the sexual mathematics, she spent an average of 45 seconds with each man, which, I hear, is 13.5 seconds more than is even required. She put her mind into it, people.

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And what’s even more, she won the competition by just 21 men.

What a time to be alive.

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