Must Read: Muslims and Valentine’s Day – Adeyinka Hassan

Muslims and valentine's day

I see some Muslims who aren’t ready for marriage, who are in an HARAM relationship, yet they keep posting and changing their DP with the caption “I AM A MUSLIM, I DON’T CELEBRATE VALENTINE”…
You don’t CELEBRATE VAL and you keep dwelling in ZINA… You not celebrating VALENTINE is just like “you running away from the FACT, pretending to be seeking the TRUTH…” (The FACT is that; Valentine holds every February 14th of the year, and the TRUTH: It is forbidden to be in an HARAM relationship not to talk of celebrating valentine’s day).

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If your conscience could tell you not to celebrate valentine, why can’t that conscience tell you to deviate from what God has forbidden?

You are aware of the truth, yet you derive pleasure in displeasing your creator… I know your thought! Thinking to turn to Allah with a remorseful heart tomorrow? Now, tell me, were you promised tomorrow?!

The clock keeps ticking and will continue to… But, it will surely stops ticking one day… When could that be?! I unfortunately lack the idea of when it could be, even the best of mankind never knew… Are you thinking?

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Reflect upon your wasted past in sins, and turn to your Lord with a remorseful heart, surely, he is “Al-Gafur”…

NOTE: I am not proving to be a saint here… But every Muslim who falls in this category of above mentioned group should ask his/her self that “who is fooling who?”, Allah (S.W.T) can’t be fooled, definitely, YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF!!!

Written by: Adeyinka Hassan

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