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For Ladies: Never, Ever Share These 3 Makeup Tools With Anyone

Hygiene is king when it comes to using makeup and the tools used for applying it.

When it comes to beauty sharing may not necessarily be safe for your skin and even overall health.

Experts reveal there are many reasons to be selfish when it comes to items that make direct contact with your skin, eyes, mouth, lips and so on as indiscriminate contact of body fluid is known to cause infection.

While you don’t want to be seen as prude or selfish you should never share tools especially these ones (as they open the floodgate of infections that are not to be ignored)

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1. Mascara and its wand

Sharing mascara leads to various eye infections. Mascara used on the lashes makes contact with your eyes oreye fluid and if ‘borrowed’ to a person with any kind of eye infection there is a strong possibility of  you getting eye infection amongst other things.

2. Beauty Sponge/Blender

Sharing a beauty sponge or blenders can cause rashes and other form of funny skin reactions and apart from it not being hygienic, you should never have to share tools that come that close in contact with you with any other person.

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3. Make-Up Brushes

Never share make-up brushes! Germs and bacteria grow on makeup brushes and applicators causing breakouts so imagine when you pass to the next person and the next! They are better used alone and washed regularly to stop acne.

Sharing tools can also cause a spread of cold sore which could easily have been prevented.

A rule of the thumb is to never share anything that comes into direct contact with someone’s skin or mucus membranes.

Source: Pulse

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